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Are you tired to that casing or flat case, which says nothing and that covers most of your phone?

Take home this unique case or case to protect your mobile device but without losing style.

All our housings are made of a hybrid material with flexible edges (TPU) that absorbs the impacts thanks to its anti-impact bubbles and a semi-solid (PC) backrest to protect the back of your mobile.
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¿Estas casad@ de esa carcasa o funda plana, que no dice nada y que tapa la mayoria de tu móvil?

Llévate a casa esta carcasa o funda única para proteger a tu dispositivo móvil pero sin perder estilo.

Todas nuestras carcasas están hechas de un material híbrido con bordes flexibles (TPU) que absorben los impactos gracias a sus burbujas anti-impactos y de un respaldo semi-solido (PC) para proteger la parte trasera de tu móvil.

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